Pioneer PDP505XDE - What Is The Correct Settings?!




Does anyone have an opinion on what the best settings are for contrast, sharpness etc and the advanced options as mine was looking great and somehow I have managed to reset everything :oops: and cant remember what I had selected and now it looks nothing like before :suicide:

I would be grateful for a few opinions on the PERFECT settings! I will try all of them willingly!


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here are mine for both my sky+ and digi channels, it's a 435xde

contrast +35 (really quite high, hadn't realised but it must be my prefered pic setting)
brightness +4
colour -4
tint 0
sharpness +4

Pro Adjust menu

Pure cinema standard
CTI on (dunno what that is)
all others set to mid

Sky+ is set to rgb on input 1 with an ixsos lead not the best but a good quality. I honestly believe it's mainly to do with the signal strength and quality mine are both very good for sky and terestial

hope this helps good luck



Thanks for that but the picture does not look natural and clean with those settings on mine :lease: Does no-one have a great setting to offer? :eek:


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can any one help my pioneer xde 435 plasma refuses to be switched on the red light on the reciever box flickers intermittently and the red and green light on the plasma go off and on with the clicking noise and no sound or picture any help would be appreciated as the plasma shop is now closed for the weekend



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Sounds like it might be a loose connection. Check the cable from media box to plasma and plugs. Also, check buttons stuck down. Failing that, give Pioneer or the shop a call on Monday.

Good luck,



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I'm no expert in this field (although I have a 3rd generation Pioneer plasma). However, if you previously had satisfactory results before you started fiddling (!) have you tried re-setting everything to the factory defaults? I think, if yours is the same as mine, you can do this via the setup menu. Good luck!


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My settings (when I had 435):
Contrast 20
Brightness +5
Colour -23
Tint 0
Sharpness 0

Pro Adjust Menu:

Pure Cinema Standard (ADV with DVD)
CTI on
Colour Temp High

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