Pioneer PDP5000EX - 24fps?


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hi guys

my setup:

Pana TH37PX60
Tosh HD-XE1

Im upgrading my screen to a 50"

1 thing that REALLY bugs me on the pana is the jerky pans... BBCs Planet Earth just looks awful to me :(
i presume this is caused by bluray being a 24fps format?

does anyone own or know if the Pioneer PDP5000EX handles this any better?

thanks. :)


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The PS3 doesn't output 1080p24 yet (it will likely be added via a firmware update once Sony TVs support it) so even with the 5000EX supporting 1080p24, you're not going to see any improvement in motion with BluRay.

While the XE1 can output 1080p, I'm not sure if it can output 1080p24 either. (though I would assume it does)


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what is it outputing?

btw found this:
The Pioneer PDP5000EX is one of the few plasma monitors capable of accepting and displaying the 1080p 24Hz rate needed to preserve a feature film's original sequence.


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The PS3 is outputting 1080p at 60Hz instead of 24Hz, which is why motion isn't smooth. As 24 doesn't "fit" into 60 properly, the way things are done is to double the first frame, triple the next, double the next etc, which ends up with 60 images. As some images are being displayed onscreen longer though, it means things stutter.

Most people haven't seen this over here though, as we are a PAL country, which means most of our video runs at 50Hz. This means that with DVDs, the films were just sped up 4% from 24 frames to 25, and then each frame was doubled to get the 50 images required. This meant smooth motion, but everything moves 4% quicker than it should.

With HD, everything is output at 60Hz if your player and/or television doesn't support 24Hz, which is why there's now a stutter that wasn't there before. (which is arguably better than the alternative of speeding the entire film up 4% as it means things at least sound how they should)

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