pioneer pdp436xde problems


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my pioneer 436xde is 7 months old the problem is on sound i realise now its had the intermittent stange buz not from the speakers it only ever happens after the sets on at least 30 mins and is only realy noticable on speaking i get it on my own home movies as well most noticeable on narration.some times the problem will not show for a few days then come must have been there from new but as we get poor reception i put it down to that at first but when it showed on my own films i realised i had a problem.
also i have cancelled my sky hd instalation as pioneer told me on the phone in no uncertain terms that my set will not be repaired if any damage is caused by using the hdmi socket,i am using the component for my hdv cam.i am starting to wish i had chosen another make than the expensive pioneer.
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