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As you probably already know, the Pioneer plasmas come in two components.
The plasma Screen itself and the media-box which everything connects to.

The Plasma panels are all the same so there is no difference in picture quality between the models.

The only differences tend to be the available connections and features of the Media-box.

Do you want, for example, lots of different types of inputs? Do you require a VGA input for instance? (to connect your computer to the plasma)?


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The 435 is 2004's model. Reviews said that 2005's 436 was much improved but there was probably an element of hype in it. You can compare features at Pioneer's website.


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Grizzly, I have one of these which I got from RS last year including the stand, media box & speakers.

The picture is excellent with Sky+, although it does take some running in time and it's obviously even better with DVD's via the HDMI socket.

I'd definitely recommend it, but would also recommend getting a good quality scart for your sky box and ditto with an HDMI cable if your DVD player has HDMI.

I can't comment on SKY HD as I don't have it yet.

Best of Luck!
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