Pioneer PDP435FDE 43 PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hi all.
I'm very confused? I thought that pixilation only occurs with digital signals, like SD sky and DVD. I had no way to test if this problem will go when HD comes out as I don’t have a scaler or any way to plug my PC into the plasma.
I'm not too clued up when it comes to the technical side of all this stuff but I noticed that there was slight pixilation on the analogue VCR picture too??? Now, I was expecting a crappy picture yes, blurry etc, but not blocky? Does all the source, analogue as well as digital, go through some kind of process when it goes thought the media box? Not only that, I was sure I could make out the image more clearly on my old CRT even when standing back all the way across the room from the plasma!
Can someone please tell me what’s going on?
And, can someone please tell me if the DVDO iScan VP30 will clear these problems up. I'd like to know this before spending a fortune on more bits and bobs.



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Get a scaler demo'd with the screen before spending your hard earned. They are not ideally suited to the scaler thing, but it will improve things. Certainly the VHS will just look 'soft', it takes away the blockiness. Did you not see the thing before you bought it?

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