Pioneer PDP435 XDE Freeview Issues


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Hoping somebody might have an answer here. :)

My dad's friend had the above TV. Unlike the 2007 model, his tuner is not internal and it is a separate box.

Now recently he has been having issues with the tuner box all of a sudden recently – he can pick up terrestrial channels fine but all of the freeview ones have gone missing and it is not possible to re-tune them. In addition, the clock no longer has a memory and it resets each time the unit is switched off.

Somebody who is pretty clued up on AV popped around to see the unit and informed him that it is likely that the tuner box is faulty and he mentioned that the tuner is not a serviceable item. Cost for a new one? – circa £350/£400!

My initial thoughts are that surely if need be, this unit can be repaired but nobody locally seems to provide the service. Another option is to check out ebay in the hope that a refurbed model could be bought at a reduced cost, but it seems that there is nothing available there.

Just wondered if any of you have some ideas of a decent repairer that would look at this or alternatively a supplier that would offer a refurbed tuner.



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Before you get the service centre out check the antenna cables, you need to make sure that the cable firstly goes to the Digital In socket and then use a short bit of male to female antenna cable to go from the digital out to the analogue in.

In my experience with these things if you can get to the tuning menu for Freeview the tuner is ok but incorrectly connected.

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