Pioneer PDP434 VS Sony KE-P42XS1

Discussion in 'Sony TVs Forum' started by indiana, Sep 27, 2004.

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    I have been following this forum for some time already. I got inspired by some of you guys and sold my space consuming CRT. Now my wife has no choice but to say yes to a plasma :D

    I would be spending around 4500Euro. I have had a look at the following models and like both of them equally and will mostly buy one of them;
    1) Sony KE-P42XS1
    2) Pio PDP-434HDE

    Since this is a tough choice to make :lease: could any of you suggest from your experience which one could be a NO NO :nono: ?

    I live in Germany and the vendors i have been too give a gaurentee of 2 years, but from the buyers in UK i read in this forum that you get it for 5 years. Could any one of you who has bought one in Germany please say about the period you got it for and how much more, if at all, you got to pay for it?

    I am really open for any comments.

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