Pioneer PDP434-HDE not working


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Hi everyone,

Been out the AV loop for a long time now, 8 years ago I bought my pioneer 434 plasma for £4.5k, just this week it has stopped working. Flashing standby light flashes twice every 3 seconds. After a search on here it seams the power supply has failed! I'm real sad as I've had many years of enjoyment from the tv and don't really want to let it go as I paid so much money for it! So, what are your views chaps, is it worth getting it repaired or buy a new model. This tv has a cracking picture and still feel that is better than some of crap seen in today's market.

What plasma equals/ better it's proformace. I understand that technology has moved on, but some of those LED tvs look so false and over colourful.

As anyone here had a power power supply fitted, what's the cost?? My local shop want £110 just to look at it.

Your views please??


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I recently upgraded from a 435XDE. I picked up a Pioneer 46GT30 which I'm more than happy with after sending my first screen back due to the green blobs problem (plenty on the forums about that).

Things have moved on, the first thing I noticed were the blacks as they were much much better on the new screen. It made the Pioneer's blacks look like dark grey.

I'd get out and test/trial as many screens as possible if I were you. Anywhere local to you where you can have a play around? My local Sevenoaks are always pretty good.

I'd probably lean towards an new screen rather than a repair.

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