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The pdp433 has got top reviews in what hi fi and a friend of mine who was at a home cinema show was in a room full of plasmas and he said that the pionner looked the best, but the panasonic was a close 2nd and he thought the philips was the worst.. with greyish whites. What do you think of this? Is the pioneer the best plasma out there? How good does a dvd progressive image look on it?
Having said that wha hifi gave the plasma good reviews they also have the 36zd26p toshiba a very good review and I that the faults on it were so bad that i returned it. Are there any faults on the plasma that will drive you nuts after spending that much money on it?? I sit pretty close to the picture and always have my room completely dark.


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If you watch in a totally dark room then I would suggest that the Panasonic plasmas may suit you better.

When you view a plasma at a show or in a store the lighting levels are relatively high and that tends to favor the Pioneers, but in darkness the black level of the Pioneer may prove a little disapointing.

I own and love and Pioneer 503MXE, but I do not watch in low light levels .



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What is it excactly about the black level of the Pioneer that may prove a little disapointing. What is a good way to check out if it bothers me or not.. is there a particular scene or movie??


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All plasma's pixels are permanently lit to a degree. Select an input without programme material and see the grey... this is as black as it gets. You just have to accept it presently.


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Mark and Phil43 have summed it up really. If you can get to see one of the HDE or MXE panels in a very low-light or blackout environment, you'll see what we mean.

I guess for you it would be a problem for one half of the year and not for the other :D. You live in a truly beautiful country by the way - had my best ever holiday there, treking around for 3 weeks with my wife a few years ago with our latest toys at the time (digital camera and laptop).


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Just thinking of Iceland made me look through my photos again - couldn't resist posting a few (sorry - bit off topic I know!)...








Thanks for posting those lovely pictures!
What digital camera did you use?




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Thanks Julia. I used an Olympus Camedia C2000, which is an old 1600 x 1200 (2 Megapixel) camera. The pics here are 1/4 size. I bought it in Summer '99 and promptly took well over 1000 photos whilst in Iceland. The Olympus range have fantastic colour balance and it easily outperforms my more recent digicam with the same resolution (one of the Canon Ixus models).

Unfortunately I don't tend to use the C2000 much anymore as its a bit bulky for most occasions but it has some great features including a remote. However, the Ixus is very cool too (e.g. the composite out lead lets me show the photos on most TVs at my relatives - I still haven't bought a colour printer!).


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Thanks you. Yes some parts of the country are beautifull. But the people here aint so great:) Im going to try to get a plasma rented and see how it is. If all plasmas have problems with black colours.. then what do plasmas do better than rear projections picture wise. I´m looking for the best picture I can get.. figure it has to bef firstly pal/ntsc progressive dvd player and then I can´t figure out what display to have. Was quite disapointed with the 36zd26p. Thought a plasma would do better if it would have pal and ntsc progressive(do they all have pal progressive) and how to line doublers and scalers work??

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