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Please help...

I've got hold of a Pioneer PDP402EA 4 by 3 plasma and want to connect it to my AV kit. The AV amp (Yamaha RX700) has s-video switching which is all hooked up but the plasma only has VGA input or BNC RGB H-sync &-V sync.

I have found a converter which sounds as though it would work at under 'Up-converters and Video Scalers'. It looks like a block of cheese but sounds OK.

Am I on the right lines? Or are there any alternatives?

Any advice or comments gratefully received.


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There are some very good scalars out there, looking around this forum should give you an idea of which ones to consider.

Since you're using the S-Video signal, there's really on the option of using one of these scalars. If the screen is compatible with 15kHz Horizontal Line Frequencies, then other options do open up, but only if the source is something such as Digital TV or DVD player that offers RGB via SCART.

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Assuming you have a PDP-402V then next to the RGBHV BNC connectors you should see another pair of BNC connectors marked Y and C - this is S-Video; all you require is an S-Video to 2BNC cable or an S-Video to 2BNC jumper cable on the end of a standard S-Video cable.

If you don't have a manual drop me a note and I'll e-mail you one.

I'd look for something a bit better than the Scancom unit if you did decide to add in a video converter.

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Unfortunately it is the 402EA model which only seems to have the RGBHV connections. So it looks like I'm stuck with getting a converter.

I just have the screen, no remote or manual and haven't had chance to fire it up yet. I'll rig up an old PC to start with to see how bad the screen burn is (it was free!!).

I would like to take you up on the offer of a copy of the manual if that's ok. How do we do that?

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