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Pioneer PDP 5090 - Is there something wrong with my new TV?


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Hi All,

I've been contemplating for a while about buying one of the above as I have heard how good they are but, at the moment, having got one I'm a bit disappointed and I don't know if it's settings or what to be honest.

I had (still have) a Sammy LE46M87BDX, which was the top of the range one about 18mnths to 2 yrs ago. Even with freeview, whilst being a bit 'bright', was really crisp and very good quality (whether I just had a really good screen or not I don't know) and the only problem I ever had with it was grading within scales of the same colour.

So, having got this I have changed the settings to what people have said is the 'best' settings i.e. near enough to calibrated settings i.e. Movie setting etc etc. It seems really 'dark', almost too dark and whilst that's fine for films (I've tested with Blu-Ray and it does look great I must admit) it's a bit weird for normal Freeview. I don't have Sky HD (at the moment) and freeview looks weird so dark. I've looked for freeview settings but I've not found any on the forums so far.

Can anyone help? I'm feeling a bit downhearted about this exhalted TV at the moment:(




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after about 100-200hrs your new kuro will surely settle in. just mix ur viewing content. sounds like typical tips stating out loud in original lx5090 thread isnt it but it really did help improve my pq over time though.

after a certain extent (about 200-250 hrs) i too moved over from a movie preset to a user preset and dialled in my own settings based from the recommendation settings on the original thread, my sources and my viewing enviro.

so thats all up to u of coz whether u wanna stick with those settings or try your own ones. there are a lot of calibration sources out there for you to referred to after or before burn-in time frame :smashin:


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lol, love it! There's certainly nothing wrong with it I suppose I have just bigged it up too much in my mind!

However, I am only being picky, I have no doubt it is a getting used to period and burn in as you say. I have tested it on BD and it was amazing (much better than the Sammy) with my current BD Player so I would love to see what it would be like with the new Pioneer LX52 BD player with 48bit colour (even if the 5090 can only take 36bit).

I suppose it is a case of wanting it to be great with everything when it is probably best with HD material in a world with no free HD!

If anyone does have any TV settings for freeview I would love to see them. I will get it ISF'd after 200 hours but would be interesting to see all the settings without having to trawl through 10000 posts of 9 threads of 5090 thread!

Kind regards, thanks for your reply



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Try user or standard mode mate,the movie mode is very dull and should be avoided.:smashin:


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Hi Pete,

Thanks for that...should I keep the other things the same as Airstrings though or change everything else too?

I find it hard to change things myself as I am colour blind to an extent so I can only really tell brightness and large colour changes (as well as clarity and details). The Movie setting seems good for movies but a bit green/dark for normal TV!

By the way, do you or anyone know, if there are any updates or anything else like that that I need to have applied to my Jun 09 made TV?

Kind regards



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Questions I have...if you/anyone knows:

1) Should I get the £500 LX52 Blu Ray player? i.e. anyone used it versus a basic player like the one I have (a Sammy BDP1400) and noticed large differences?
2) How much is it to get it ISF'd in time?
3) What does an ISF person actually do? Do they do a 'setting' for each source or just one overall setting?
4) How are these settings recalled if you change things by mistake? Is it like a completely separate setting like Movie, Standard, ISF1, ISF2 etc or what?

Kind regards



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Also, what is this 'flashing' issue and how/why does it happen? I just want to check whether it is going to happen to mine and whether I need to fix it or not.




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These are mine and I find they suit me well, I found some of the other settings posted too dull.

AV Selection User
Contrast 40
Brightness 0
Colour -11
Sharpness 0

Pro Adjust
Pure Cinema Film Mode Advance
Text ON
Intelligent Mode OFF
Picture Detail
Black Level OFF
Enhancer 2
Gamma 2
Colour Detail Mid
Colour Man 0 (All)
Colour Space 1
Field LOW
Block ON
Mos ON
I-P Mode 2

Bass +5
Effect MID, H, H, L


Doctor Smith

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Back to the original OP

I had the same problem, I think its called banding you are seeing. Mine settled down after about 200 hours although I still see a bit on sky.

also I saw artifacts and noise this has almost gone since the running in period has past.

One more interesting note, when I changed wall socket my picture improved also.

Images are stunning now

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