Pioneer PDP-506XDE - HDCP problem??


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Hi there,

The problem developed over the last 12 months and now affects all devices i connect to the pioneer tv. I have tried sky, Humax freesat, sagem freesat & PS3. All previously worked.
SKY box shows HDCP compatibility message (mentioned in other threads)
Humax - WORKS for 30-60 secs then goes to green screen
Sagem worked until yesterdays update but now only displays at SD (a previous update also downgraded the sagem by turning off the component connection....:facepalm:)
PS3 - no picture

I'm thinking that all of these boxes have received new software updates that causes HDCP compatibility problems with my beloved Pioneer. The TV is still capable of displaying excellent pictures so this is very annoying.

All suggestions/comments welcome!



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Cheers mate I'll contact Pioneer today and see what they say...
I suppose as the TV is now 6 1/2 years old they may not offer much.

Thanks again


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Spoke to Pioneer Customer Services who said they covered the HDMI/HDCP fault FOC as an in-home board change for up to 6 years. How old is my TV? 6 1/2 years. . . .:mad:
So although problem started within 6 year cover I'm not covered..:suicide:

They will still provide the replacement chip to the service centre FOC. The chip is fitted to the board in the media box (not the TV display). However I will need to pay for the replacement and any carriage charges.

I am waiting for DK Audio Visual Services, my nearest Pioneer Authorised Service Centre, to get back to me with an estimate. As they are 33 miles away I can expect a carriage cost of £108... . .

I asked Pioneer if they could offer any help by asking their Authorised Service Centre to repair in-house but they declined.:thumbsdow

Over the last 15 years I have spent £7500 on two Pioneer TV's. 1st was a 50" Pioneer back projection tv in 1998 and then the 50" plasma in 2005 so this is all a bit disappointing really. .:(

Well guys. . .
Is there any other way I could get a FOC repair?
TV is still a great performer (when you can feed it HD..:facepalm:) so how much is too much to spend on a 6 1/2 year old TV??

£200 inc carriage cost. . .

All comments welcome:lease:


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In case my experience helps anyone else, here's my update:;)
26th of April I spoke to DKAVS (PIONEER authorised service centre) and also to the PIONEER customer services who in turn contacted DKAVS.
The agreement was that the HDCP compatibility problem is 99% likely to be the 'HDMI chip' which PIONEER were willing to supply free of charge:thumbsup:.
So we all agreed:
  • I bring the media box in
  • DKAVS order chip from PIONEER who supply chip free of charge
  • DKAVS change the problem chip.
  • The labour cost to be £60 paid by myself
On Monday 28th I did the 70 mile round trip to drop the media box off at DKAVS.
After 5 days I called DKAVS for any news. I received an e-mail later that day stating there was no definite news as they were awaiting cost of parts and warranty confirmation (?).
I replied with full details and included a link to this thread.
The following day DKAVS replied stating they had no contact with PANASONIC :confused:regarding the free of charge part....
I replied again supplying references and am now awaiting DKAVS response.

Here's hoping all turns out OK

Shall update in due course.



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Chip was changed:D
70 mile roundtrip to collect
Labour charge £72 (not £60):rolleyes:

When i got home.......

It's worse than it was before!:eek:

Now all boxes can be viewed through the HDMI connections BUT. . ..
All you get is saturated red pictures. . . at least my sagem box worked in SD over HDMI before.

Contacted DKAVS and they say they repaired it blind as i didn't give them the screen so I can either bring the media box and 50"screen in (another 2 x 70 mile round trips) or pay them £60 to collect/return (plus I assume £XXX to fix).

Seems now that the Pioneer replacement chip plan has gone t1ts up all the cost/risk/inconvenience is mine. . . . what a surprise!!:(

:lease: does anyone know a e-mail contact at Pioneer services?

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