Pioneer PDP 504 Media Receiver Upgrade



Hello, I have a Pioneer PDP 504 HDE with separate media receiver. Currently all HDMI components connected to it (DVD, SkyHD, Apple TV) run through a QED HDMI box, but all audio connections go straight from source to my Naim AV2 because the Pioneer media receiver does not offer digital out (and for some reason the analogue audio out does not relay HDMI input). I have now bought an Xbox 360 and whilst the video signal comes through HDMI perfectly OK, I can't run a separate audio connection as the Xbox doesn't have one. (I have tried the component connection (RBG) with optical audio from the Xbox), but I can't get the Pioneer to pass through video.

One solution I thought of to get a couple more HDMIs and digital out, is to buy the media receiver of the 505XDE. It would seem it has the same black and white 'system' connectors, port layout etc as the 504. I found one in Tottenham Crt Road for about £900.

In short: has anyone ever tried this, or is there another workaround?

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