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Pioneer PDP 503-HDE

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs' started by Big L, Jan 26, 2003.

  1. Big L

    Big L

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    Pioneer PDP-503 HDE
    I bought one of these from Richer Sounds in October 2002

    It came with one 'dead' pixel and, what seems to be, the usual Plasma lipsync problem.

    I discussed both issues with Pioneer, and it appears the dead pixel is well within spec, as they advised "up to 30 is acceptable..... depending on where they are positioned"

    They were surprised that I noticed and was bothered with the lipsync problem but suggested that I swap the tuner box "as this is where all the processing is done" to see if that helps.

    Unfortunately, this is where Richer Sounds has let me down very badly

    Dispite regular calls, 2/3 times a week since October!!! and a letter from Julian Richer saying I will get a replacement in November!!!, they seem unable or unwilling to arrange a swap

    I eventually had to phone Pioneer myself to sort things out and I should have the replacement shortly.


    Connectivity through the tuner box (3 scarts, RGB, S-video & PC Inputs)

    Picture Quality

    No Noise (no fans)

    High Contrast and Brightness levels

    Richer Sounds Extended Warranty (250 Quid, for an additional 2 years)


    Lipsync problems with Sky Digital and Dvd (less so with analog signal from Tuner box)

    Noticable Jagged edge's to pictures with diagonal lines

    Slow picture start up time (around 10 seconds)

    Richer Sounds Service (or lack of it)

    Hope you find this of interest.

  2. TheBigApple

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    Dec 10, 2002
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    In my cage
    I think the dead pixel issue depends on the old I know it's there so it's a problem.

    I have two dead pixels on my screen but if I stand back a couple of feet I can't even see them so it's not really a major problem IMHO.

    Have not noticed lip sync problems on my 433HDE. Does it happen on any particular dvd or sky channel or is it more random.

    Agree about the crap service. I am currently waiting for a replacement media box as I have no teletext or wide screen switching. I have since found out that pioneer contract plasma repairs to a third party, which might explain the delay.

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