Pioneer PDP 436XDE with Oppo 203

DJ Dave

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Yes, the Pioneer is only a HD TV, but the Blu Rays look and play great with the Oppo.

I am having issues with the Oppo not always finding a DVD A that I put in. Sometimes it causes the screen to go blank and then the Oppo menu will not come back until I take out the disk and play a Blu Ray. That then restores the picture and brings back the Oppo menu.

Is there a possibility that the Pioneer (the 436XDE has its' own receiver box) isn't coping too well with the Oppo because of a possible HDMI issue? I am using the improved HDMI cable that came with the Oppo. The Blu Rays play fine.

The DVD A that I mentioned actually played ok the first time I tried it, but last night it took about 4 attempts for it to play properly.

I'm convinced that the Oppo is 100% not faulty, I just think that there may be a possible conflict because the TV is a bit dated in HDMI terms?? Was wondering if it might be worth trying a regular HDMI lead? There may well be something in the Oppo settings that may fix it, but I've got "Auto" selected as much as possible to my knowledge.

Can anyone shed some light please? I've literally spent hours trying to find out the issue.


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I have been using this combination for a number of years now... switching between blue and DVDs, but I see you are asking about DVD-A s? No haven't tried that as don't have any. Could it be the processor not switching or are you not using a processor (my opponent goes into an Arcam processor). I know not much use really but -Happy Christmas!
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