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I have my Sky HD box connected by component as I use Hdmi connection with Denon DVD player, also I am unsure if there is still a compatibility issue with my Pioneer model and Sky HD? 2 further Questions: Has it now been decided whether it is safe to use Hdmi and Sky HD with this plasma? also when using component am I getting true HD? I am a bit confused after reading recent threads relating to Sky HD outputting in 50 hz but some plasmas only recognizing 60 hz signal. I do not know if my model plasma understands the Sky HD hz output. My picture seems fine but I find HD a bit of a disappointment on a lot of programmes, it only looks truly good on certain programmes like Lost and new series Cold Case for example. Any advice welcome.


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I have a 505XDE with component and HDMI connected to the Sky HD box. Pioneer will support anyone who gets the HDCP issue if they use HDMI so the only option is to go ahead and try it. My 505 only has one HDMI input so I use an Octava HDMI switch. I have not had the HDCP issue but that might just be down to luck.

I do not have any 50hz or 60hz switching problems with the Sky HD component output and the Pio screen.

The difference between component and HDMI on my Pio is quite noticeable with component no better than digital freeview for most programmes, even on proper HD transmissions. HDMI is very good, even on most SD channels.

One last point, I use a mains power filter. This reduces picture noise on the Pio significantly and was probably one of my best system upgrades.

I have invested in upgraded HDMI cables (QED's and BetterCables SS) but, although I do see a marginal improvement over the Sky cable, this is marginal and many see no improvement at all. This remains controvertial but I have tried the comparison in my setup and see an improvement. Whether it is worth the money is however, doubtful.

Hope that helps.

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