Pioneer PDP-435XDE Home Gallery Function



Pioneer states in the Operation Instructions Page 49: "On this system, you can watch JPEG images that have been captured and stored in memory cards using a digital still camera".
I am trying this with memory cards Sony MSA-128A, Sony MSA-M16A, Sony MSX-M512 and Toshiba SD-M512 with no success :mad: .
(however successful on a Panasonic TH-42PV500E, Sharp LC-45 GD1E or my notebook).

Who has experience with this function on the Pioneer-machine, and what ?
What PC CARD adapter and what memory cards are you using ?


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Only a few PCMCIA type II readers will work with this model and this has been discussed before.

I personally bought mine from maplins for about £25, a Sitecom PC-200 V2 and use Panasonic SD memory cards with it, with no problems.

If you are still stuck do a search of this forum for other compatble cards.



kalem said:
try reducing pixel image on camera setting.worked for me
I am using 2016x1512 pixels, but with 640x480 pixels I have the same result:
no pictures displayed/found by the Pioneer Home Gallery Function, but all information found using the PCMCIA-adapter plus MemoryStick on my notebook.

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