Pioneer PDP-434HDE HDMI


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I've had a Pioneer PDP-434HDE with Media Receiver since 2003 with the Receiver placed out of site in a cabinet

Moved it out of the cabinet today and noticed for the first time that it had HDMI on the front door to the front inputs

I've looked through the operating instruction book and also the rear of the unit and there is no mention or site of an HDMI terminal :confused:

The Home Menu (options) has HDMI Input but that says current settings do not allow selection and adjustment.

After all this time not using it I don't think that it would make a lot of difference, just curious about it


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You will have to assign the HDMI to a particular input ( mine is input 3 , 505XDE )
The fact that it is greyed out in the menu is probably due to the fact that the particular imput is already assigned to a scart ?
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