Pioneer PDP-434HDE Dilemma

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This is my first post to these forums so be kind.

Okay, I have a little dilemma. After having finally chosen to purchase the Pioneer PDP-434HDE after an excellent demo by a local AV specialist I'm not sure what I should do.

They have given me a price of £4,200. I know this isn't the best price I can get it for as I have located it for if I recall correctly on the internet for £3,700. However, here is the predicament.

I have a friend who works for Pioneer. He has been able to get me a price of £2,700 for the same set-up but there is one issue I'm not sure about. Unfortunately, the staff discount applies to my friend and not me. Makes sense of course but the 1 year warranty has to be in his name and cannot be transferred to me afaik.

So, my question is. Would the guarantee in someone else’s name bother you?


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Not at that price. If he is a good friend then there is no problem, if it goes wrong just let him contact the supplier to get it picked up. But to be honest I think pioneer would honnor the warranty regardless, as long as your've got the reciept that's all that matters. It's the product thats under warranty, not the person that bought it.


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No it woudn't bother me for that price. Do it.


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I would go for it too...unlikely it will go wrong, but if it does, just get him to log the warranty calls and buy him a beer or two!!! :)


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for that price i'd take two and put one in the bedroom! Warranty would be fine, if he is a good enough mate to extend a deal like this to you, i'm sure he'd be happy to be involved in any warranty claims should something happen to go wrong.


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Thanks for the replies.

I suppose your right when you say that it is the product, not the person who holds the warranty.

I suppose I had better have a look at any other bits and pieces I need. Perhaps the DV-868AVi-S is in order and a PDK-FS02 floating stand. Is the DV-868AVi-S any good, it looks a bit like a Cornflake box to me. :)

It's particularly the HDMI I'm after. I just wish there were a few more manufacturers who had a product which was available right now and one that did Recordable DVD.

Thanks again. :)

Joe Fernand

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I think you may find the Staff Purchase price is ex vat - and I'd look carefully at the terms and conditions before you assume anything.

Also you may not be doing your mate a favour shouting out loud with this pricing :)

Best regards



I guess your friend is making a killing on this deal...

or are they treating their employees that badly ? (just that bit below the internet prices ?)


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I am going to chuck my m8 £150 for his troubles which he seems content with.

With regard to the VAT, I'm not sure but it definately worth the question. He did say the "cost to me is" so I hope the price is all inclusive.


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