Pioneer PDP-433MXE


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I am in the market for a plasma in the next couple of months and I would like to know off owners of this set why they chose it over the much chosen panasonics. The resolution and interconnects are the first thing that spring to mind but what about picture quality!!

I hear it renders well in dark areas but doesn't go as black as the Pannys. Oh..and it doesn't hummm or buzz...hopefully.

I would also like to hear of how people feel about plasmas in general after using them for a while i.e are you still ecstatic about the picture and look of the sets.

Any feedback would be v. welcome

I bought an 433 mxe a week ago , I thought it was much better than the panny, an inch bigger for a start which is quite noticable, higher resolution , much better upgradeability (dvi board), better connections, brighter , and I couldnt really see any difference in blacks. It is more expensive though. Oh yes ,no buzzing neither , infact it is completely silent.


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Cheers installer,

Those are the kind of words I am looking to hear. I have yet to do a comparison myself but based on spec I am drooling over the MXE...:)

I saw a hi-res fujitsu (don't know the model but it was a 42") on demo the other day from an s-video source (Onkyo DVD player) and it blew me away how good the picture jumped out at you. The Fujitsu is out of my price range but I would be more than happy with picture quality approaching it never mind even equalling.

The picture quality on the pioneer with a good progresive scan dvd player would blow the fujitsu plasma away. Esspecially if you only saw it through an s-video connection.


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WOW, Thanks,

I knew that the Fujitsu picture could be improved upon with a prog component input but it looked great. I would love the Pioneer if it looked as good as the fuji did!!

Do you mind me asking how much you paid for your display and where you had it from installer.

If this goes against site protocol i.e advertising etc you could PM me Installer.

Hi Lennyz check your pm.


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Hi guys

Im thining of a buying a plasma screen, wither the Panasonic $b (or is it 5B now?), the Pioneer or the Toshiba.

Where is the cheapest source of the Pioneer, could youplease PM me the additional detials?

I live in North London


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