Pioneer PDP 433MXE - screen burn susceptibility?


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We recently bought this set 2nd hand, it's very old (2002!) but the picture is still decent and more than good enough for DVD playback and HTPC over dvi.

Decided to wire in the old xbox 360 and pleasantly surprised that it also supports 720p over component - pretty impressive for a 15 year old set.

Anyway, had a quick 5 minutes playing halo and when I switched the console off the HUD outline was still glowing and clearly visible on a black background. I know screen burn is an issue with plasmas but did not expect this to happen in such a short space of time.

The glow dimmed back to nothing within a few minutes but if I played for say an hour or so maybe not?... Are these early pioneers particularly susceptible to screen burn or just temporary retention?
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Usually fades, but expect 1:1 fade times; spend an hour with it lit up to white in a fixed pattern, expect to spend an hour with mixed content for it to fully disappear. Some sets seem to be better, some worse. It usually doesn't "burn in" unless it's literally left on like an information display would be left on showing the same pattern.


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Thanks for the advice. I've had no static image retention at all using the htpc, but I have set it to dim the brightness after 1 minute's inactivity which no doubt helps.


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I got image retention on my 2006 pioneer plasma when playing games. It's just something I accepted as the picture was so good. I just learned to look after the TV and use it in a certain way to not let the IR end up as burn in.

Like drdocmatt say's if you play for an hour, let the tv run with mixed content (without any static logos etc) for the same amount of time or longer before turning the TV off. If you are not planning on watching the TV after gaming or you are going out, just set the timer for the TV to turn off (if the TV has that feature).

Having owned 3 plasma tv's I found the worst thing to do is turn the TV off straight after having static images displayed for a length of time. They will be there when you turn it back on and harder to get rid of.

Used to have up to 10 hour gaming sessions on the pioneer and although there was IR, it never became screen burn. The screen is still completely uniform.
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