Pioneer PDP-433HDE Plasma - Mediabox PDP-R03E Failed - Advice Needed


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Hi all,

I know this is a massively long shot due to the age of this TV.

My parent's Pioneer PDP433-HDE (Now 11 to 12 years old) has just failed on them. Specifically, the media receiver PDP-R03E seems to have a power fault.

The TV panel will power up with a green light but the media box light always stays red. Tapping the top of the receiver box (not sure why I tried this as it never works :laugh:) makes the light go green on the receiver for a split second then back to red.

Has anyone had any experience with this and repaired the media receiver? I have managed to get hold of the service manual but the electronics are obviously very complex and wouldn't want to go messing around without understanding it at least.

Am tempted to simply buy a replacement box as the TV panel is still working perfectly. Although a new TV would save a lot of the hassle and kit my parents have (scaler etc.) which allows them to watch HD.

Thanks for any advice!


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The media box does get very hot in use and you say it briefly switches on when you tap it, so that suggests there are dry joints on the PCB. It should be possible for a competent engineer to do for you at a reasonable price. Probably need a good clean out anyway.


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Opened it up and removed the power board, brushed all the joints with a toothbrush, reassembled and it's now back working fine.

I know this is likely only a temporary fix but it got the TV back up and working for the grand prix over the weekend.

Thanks for the advice guys. The 12 year old plasma goes on! :D
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