Pioneer PDP-427XD remote - button for DVR 545HX EPG doesn't work/exist?




Just got a PDP-427XD and DVR-545HX-S.

One annoying problem...the remote on the DVR is very basic, but the one for the TV is's a multi function remote so I can select TV, STB, DVR and VCR.

In the DVR mode it can control just about all the useful features of the DVR, EXCEPT I cannot pull up the EPG or Guide+ on the DVR so I have to use the basic remote control if I want to record anything.

On the 545 remote there are 2 buttons marked Guide and Disk Navaigator/dvd top menu.

On the 427 the equivalents are Disk Navi and Top Menu/Guide however the latter does not pull up the EPG, just the top menu on DVD mode and the Disk Navi again in HDD mode, so that's 2 buttons that access the Disk Navi and none to access EPG on the DVR...most annoying!

It seems a discrepancy between the 427 and 545 remotes.

Does anyone else have the same problem? can it be fixed? is it a fault?

many thanks in advance.


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