Pioneer PDA-H03/WL extension cable


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Hi All

I'm after the cheapest place to buy a 7m or 10m Pioneer Extension cable. Are these cables extensions cable which connect to the original lead or 'complete' leads?

Has anyone un-soldered the plugs to feed the cables down conduits in the wall the resoldered the conections?

Do not fancy re-plastering again!

Thanks Richard

Joe Fernand

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Hello Richard

The PDA-HA03/WL is poorly described as an 'extension' cable - it is in fact a replacement 10.0m cable.

Retailing this cable at around £190.00 puts just under £20.00 in the profit column - so no dealers going home with a big smile after selling one of these cables :)

Dont even attempt to unsolder the connections (they are moulded) on your 3m cable - if your brave you could cut it in the middle and extended it; not a job for the faint hearted or impatient; and will most likely result in signal quality drops.

Best regards



You're right Joe, I've had a sad and traumatic experience with this on a 503HDE, after falling foul of the description about a week after they came out. Do not cut the cable, bite the bullet, and pay the money. It's essentially a DVI cable, and at 10m, it needs all the quality it can get.


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Thanks MAW & Joe

It look like I'm going to have to get the Chisel and hammer out. It's a shame, I had put two conduits in the wall for the AV cables.

Thanks Richard

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