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Jan 11, 2004
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Only my second post, and need some help deciding which of the 2 following amps to go for. Yamahah 1400, Pioneer Ax5i. Will be using KEF eggs ver 2, due to her in doors.

I am at a bit of a sticky point and need some expert advice, i will be buying the 434hde and 868 dvd player for the dvi interfaces but may skip the dvi audio due to amp features.
Do i follow this route with matching Pioneer amp, features that i need/will use and take priority are, Audio playback from cd/dvd will be primary function and must be first and sound good to excellent, i am sure both amps will florish in the cinema modes. But both amps have slightly different features, which will/do i need most.

1) DTS, THX, DPLII, etc but probably not require much more than this. If its there great. No Reply required both very similar features.

2) Audio delay feature Pioneer. How important is this?

3) Component upsampling Yamaha ( Will not be using an i scan, limited space and it is not exactly a nice looking piece of kit to sit with hifi gear) Will be using digi cable with rgb scart out. Do i get a better picture using this feature?

4) How do i get amp display onto plasma screen?

I did have an early Pioneer surround sound amp and was so dissapointed with audio play back that i kept my main amp for this purpose. Have things improved????
Sorry for the long post.

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