Pioneer or Yamaha budget AV


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Am going to return the Panasonic SA-XR15 to shop in next few days and wold appreciate feedback on its replacement.

Have the Yamaha HTR5640 or Pioneer VSX-C301 in mind.

Pioneer as the connections are scart including rgb

Yamaha as it has component (is that better if I only have rgb scart out on DVDR & NTL box)



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May I ask why you are returning this unit. I have seen rave reviews from owners about this new Panasonic digital amps.

Are they all they are cracked up to be?


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I bough the AV to direct the audio from NTL, DVDR and TV through a 5.1 speaker setup. I was looking at the Pioneer as it controlled the audio & video switching, has rgb in/out and the digital input.

The Panasonic SA-XR15 is cheaper and only has composite video so at present I only use it for audio. The missus is confused enough with the many remotes and I wanted to make it easier to select the audio/video.

You should see the confusion when the video signal is not the same as the audio.

Willing to spend a bit more but as I'd be switching it at Richers that limits my options.

To be honest only the Pioneer seems to do what I want. The Yamaha has 2 rgb component in but only one out. I think that means if I feed the DVDR and NTL box in via component either the TV or DVDR would use the 1 component out and the other would have to use a composite!

It's all making my head hurt!!!!!!!!


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Any suggestions? My 14 day trial period is going to end soon.

I find it hard to believe that the 'cheaper' Pioneer 301 has more rgb ins/outs than the Yamaha.

Am I just being stupid and missing the correct connections?

Have seen that 2/1 component in/out seems standard. So how would on connect NTL scart out(rgb), DVDR scart in & out(rgb) with scart tv (rgb) using say the Yamaha HRT5640 (or next model up)?


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