Pioneer or Denon

DTS Dicky

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I have decided to upgrade my home cinema system. I am looking to order one of the last few Pioneer 506XDE Plasma and would like to get a suitable AV Receiver. My speakers are a 7.1 Celestion configuration including 2x AVF 302, 4x AVS 301 and 1x AVC 301 + the S10 sub.

I am looking for an AV receiver and would like to know how either of the following would compliment the above set up.

Denon AVR 3806
Pioneer VSX AX2 AV S
Pioneer VSX AX2 AS S

I appreciate that these receivers are fairly high end and have very similar specs, I read that the Denon is not very user friendly and a pain to set up is this true? What are the main differences between the Pioneer’s? Any help would be greatful before I place an order.

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