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Pioneer NSDV990 problem

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by ccm, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. ccm


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    Please forgive the lack of technical knowledge but here is my problem:-

    A few weeks ago i noticed that the sound wasn't coming out of the right surround speaker, although on getting closer it appeared the sound was coming out of the 'mesh' bit but not the flat panel. On playing the test tone nothing came out at all.

    Anyway i disconnected and reconnected the speakers and then it seemed to start working.

    Today I again noticed it was a lot quieter than the left channel and on playing the test tone nothing came out , I switched off at mains and back on and it started working again, although it doesn't seem as loud as the left surround unless i increase the channel level to be +4db with the left one at 0db.

    Firstly does anyone have any ideas what may be causing this, other than its just bust, and also is it feasible that one speaker may need to be at a higher output than the other to sound as loud (from the same distance away)?

    Also, in line with Murphys law, I had a letter today telling me the manufacturers warranty was up and did I want insurance , for about £45 a year , does this seem worth taking out, particularly bearing in mind the above problem ?



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