Pioneer NSDV88 v Sony DAVS 800


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Sep 10, 2002
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I've got about £700 to spend on a home cinema system, i've got an old phillips DVD player that is playing up so i want to replace it.

The systems i have been impressed by are the Pioneer NSDV88 and the Sony DAVS 800, they are similarly priced, so which one would you recommend?, or is there any other system i have overlooked in the same price range?

Thanks for any advice.
Im also in the same boat as you, i favour the pioneer, but after seeing some of the reviews of it here, i am beginning to wonder, if you buy one of them, can you let me know how it performs?
Hi Albertz

After reading the reviews, i decided to get the Sony DAVS550.

This is pretty much brand new out on the market, and it got a best of class award in What HI-FI, for quality/price, it looks the best on the market, the Pioneer is 18 months old already.

The Sony is packed with features, like SACD, Dolby Surround II, MP3.

Picture and sound quality is excellent, only problem i get occasionally is that subtitles for DVD's appear when you load the disk, you just need to switch the subtitles off, its not a big deal, but its a strange one, if you search this forum, you will find other references to this, i've emailed Sony but no reply as yet, hopefully Sony will release a firmware upgrade soon.

The system looks really cool, and the speakers are very small (which was a wife pleaser selling point :D

If you do go for the DAVS550, shop around, in the shops its £600, i found it on SUPERFI website for £485, i have a local Superfi shop near me, so i went in there, they priced matched it to the website, and i took it home the same day, and they have made it multiregion for free.
I have tried the sony dav880 but because it was faulty I replaced it with Pioneer dcs303, half the price with a lot more control over the sound effects. The Sony rear speakers sound is low but the Pioneer the rear sound is very much heard and controlable.
I would recommend the 303 over the 550/880
glad your happy with it, i have plonked for the pioneer DV88, and am awaiting delivery from techtronics, i will let you know what i think of it once ive set it up.;)
I would advise you to check out your player asap when you receive it because I found Techtronics give very poor after sales service. I had a faulty player delivered and because I took longer than 7 days to report it to them they would not exchange it. It took several months before I got my money back, and only through my credit card company.
Thanks john,

i'll make sure to try it out as soon as its recieved, but i hope that wont be nesecarry.I noticed they have a 24 hour period to report faults which can be blamed on carriage:eek:

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