Pioneer NS-DV990 .v. Sony DA-SC8 .v. Sony DAV-S888



Hello All,

I'm fairly new to this home cinema mallarkey, and after hours of surfing for information, reading mags and looking on forums I am struggling to get a unified view as to which of the three systems mentioned would be the best for me.

I am interested in replacing my current hi-fi, dvd player and surround system with an all-in-one solution and for the price range I'm looking at these three seem to fit the bill.

I will be using the home cinema system in conjunction with a 28" CRT telly, PS2 and audio input from my PC's MP3 collection.

To me, these 3 systems all seem to do pretty much the same job, but one thing I cannot find out is which one is better at handling music CD's as I will be using the system for 60% music, 20% PS2 and 20% DVD.

Any light that people can throw on this for me would be very much appreciated.

I can't say much about the SC8 or the DV990 but I set up a S888 for a work colleague and to my ears it sounded dreadful.

The steering wasn't great, the sound was lacking transparency and the sub seems largely ineffectual.

I would imagine that music would be awful through such a system.

PS2 may be OK though as the few PS2 titles that use DTS are only 4 channel at a heavily reduced bit rate. Most console games use MP3 or similar these days so it's not like your pumping redbook through the PS2's optical output.

Best to keep your hi-fi for playing CD's.
Thanks CMcK,

I think that the S888 is an older system than both the SC8 and the NS-DV990 so I'll hold out hope that these systems are better with audio. I think they both have active subs also, so this should help.

If anyone out there is currently using the SC8 or the NS-DV990 please let me know how you've found them.

Dear guys,

I got a set of Sony DAV-SC8 and here's what my first impression is.

The obvious good points:
1. Built quality. Solid fit and finishes;
2. Built materials. These speakers are built into alluminium casing which is a better material compared to most of the plastic casing in term of accoustic damping and resonance;
3. Designs. Excellent design. Slim packaging that's pleasant on your own eyes;

The obvious bad points:
1. It's still a HTIB. Sounds can be tiny compared to separate systems in certain frequencies and upgrading is next to impossible;
2. No equalizer to adjust to your personal taste. It'll play music/movies as it is. Maybe a good point for some people, who will termed it "natural". I personally find it takes a while to appreciate it;
3. Lack of Zoom function. DVD-Audio is not there;
4. Slot Loading. It's compact design so Sony can squeeze everything in a slim player but the loading is not as smooth as the tray;
5. Subwoofer won't shake you. But what do you expect from HTIB at this price?

It's just my 2 cents. I am buying it because I personally find that it sounds better than Panasonic SC-HT900. Function wise, the HT900 has a little more function in term of DVD Video playback and of course, the 5 Discs changer is convenient and the DVD-Audio.

But when I come to think about it, for a HTIB to play SACD or DVD-Audio, you just can't find much improvement over the sounds due to the fact that the speakers play only average sounds. For those who really love music with details, my suggestion is, go for separate systems.

Hi WilliamSmith,
I intend to buy this DAV-SC8 as well. How much it cost for you to buy?
Dear Tonton,

I bought it for AUD1,100.


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