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    I have a Pioneer NS-DV55 DVD system with the analogue outputs from my SKy box connected to it (through A1 - Audio) yet when I watch TV and select Prologic (as the NS-DV55 is not set up to automatically detect it), the sound seems very muffled compared to my speakers on my TV.

    I have never heard the centre speaker being used during Prologic at all.

    Could this be due to the fact that the programmes I have been watching dont contain Prologic signals. I was under impression that almost eveything is broadcast in Prologic these days.

    DO I need to change the settings, I have had a look in the manual but to no avail.

    Any advice would be gratefully recieved
  2. Ian J

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    Aug 6, 2001
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    It should definately sound better than TV speakers so it looks like you have a problem somewhere and if I remember rightly setting up one of these units is a real pain.

    Check all of your speaker settings to ensure that you have told it small speakers all round plus subwoofer. Listen to the test tones to make sure that the speakers are adjusted to the right volumes
    and make sure that you haven't input "No centre speaker".

    Even Sky programmes that are not in Pro Logic will still output something from the centre speaker but most are nowadays depending, of course, on what type of program you watch.

    Do your testing on Sky One or one of the music channels

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