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Jan 5, 2003
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Just bought the DV-99, it might just be that I am not familliar with the system yet, but I cannot seem to select DTS over Dolby Digital using the surround button, when you have a choice between the two soundtracks, it just switches between stereo and DD only.

I end up pressing the audio button and switching between the different audio channels on the disc (inc. the commentries) and more by luck then anything else, it eventually ends up on DTS.

Shouldn't you be able to select either DTS or DD from the surround button?

Any help would be appreciated.
I don't think you can select it . Auto should switch it to dts if its there on the disc.Which suggests you have to do what you have done ie slect it on the disc. Have you noticed yet that each input retains its last surround mode, Caught me out when trying to do a-b comparison between the 99's tuner and my seperate tuner.
But shouldn't the surround button (next to auto) switch between the two modes? It only lets me switch between DD and stereo. Perhaps it varies according to the disc??
It allows you to select pro logic 2 movie or music but I think as you say it has to see dts on the disc I only have one dts disc not tried yet will let you know. I'm still finding my way around mine. Ref setting retention have found this seems to apply to nearly everything. Dropped the sub to -6db last night on cinema and DD. On putting tuner on today the sub was at 0 on stereo but still -6 on cinema. Looks as if you can set up parameters for each soundfield
Tried the disc and if it has dd and dts you have to select on disc which you want. The Auto will then choose your choice. It seems the surround button is only for processing stereo info. Hope this helps
ah, so it was from the DVD menu? not the middle button (surround)? Can you tell the difference between DTS and DD anyway?
You might I haven't listened to dts yet If you have a look in the dvd forum it seems debatable.

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