Pioneer MXE1 overscan (or lack there of)

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by Mantorok, Oct 17, 2004.

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    Over the weekend I bought a Momitsu V880N and plugged it into my Pioneer 43MXE1 (with PDA-5003). I've connected it by both component and DVI but the long term plan is to only use DVI. I've confugured the V880N DVI output to upscale the output to 1024x768 which matches the MXE1's native resolution. While configuring it I've noticed that there is no overscan on the MXE1's DVI input (INPUT2) but there's about 5% overscan on the component input (INPUT5). I used DVE's overscan test pattern to determine this.

    I can understand why there might not be any overscan on the DVI input as if you plugged in a computer you don't want it to chop off the Windows task bar etc.

    However, as there is no overscan on INPUT2 (DVI) I can see flickering lines and other junk around the outside edges of the picture when playing DVDs. It can be rather distracting.

    Does anyone know if overscan can be set on INPUT2 of the MXE1? If so how is it done.

    Alternatively is there a way of configuring the Momitsu V880N to do the overscan?

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