Question Pioneer LX81 HELP!!!!


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Hi there, ive searched the forums and cant find an answer so far....

1) Is there a way of simulating surround sound? I've paid over £1000 for my sub-woofer which is all but redundant now, it only works when im watching blu-rays, i want to use this with music if possible?

2) When using the picture from an HDMI i want to use a different digital input (A DAC for instance) there seems to be no way of doing this?

Can anyone help?

thanks in advance!


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!. Engage a mode such as Dolby Pro Logic IIx or DTS Neo. This will create pseudo channels for speakers that the incoming audio lacks discrete channels for.

2. You cant easily passthrough the video accessed from one source while playing audio associated with another. You can reassign an audio input to allows be associated with a video HDMI source, but this needs to be done via the settings and cannot be implemented onthe fly. If you were to do this then you'd reassign the audio input to the HDMI video source so that both are treated as one source as opposed to 2.


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Thanks for your reply but..

1) ive tried that and i still only get stereo output, nothing from either the rear or sub???

2) I cannot find how to do this?


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You wont get sound from the rears unless you have a super audio Cd player..... but the sub should work...set the speakers to small all round...or is it large?
Alter them from what they are now..and the sub should rumble along...make sure its set in the set up menu loud enough....

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