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I have the pioneer lx55 blue ray player, and a while back the led display on the front stopped working. The player its self still works fine and the on screen display is fine.
I just wondered if anybody else has had this fault or knows anything about fixing it. I could send it to one of pioneers repair agents but I'm told it's £40 just to look at it before any repair is made.
Finally I could sell it, but anybody buy a player with no lcd display.
Any ideas would be welcomed.

Adrian E

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Mine's just done the same - did you get it fixed in the end?

Mine also suffers with an intermittent dislike of starting up unless I pull the plug out the back and reboot it....

Have e-mailed Pioneer customer service, but since the warranty has not long expired (3 months ago) I'm expecting them to tell me to take a running jump.


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Ended up selling it on here for £50.

Adrian E

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Sorry, missed your reply!

I've just collected mine from my local authorised repairer - it's cost me £60 in labour (£25 for them to prepare an engineer's report and another £35 to carry out the repair) and Pioneer supplied a new front board, including the display, free of charge.

I believe the display failing eventually is directly linked to the powering on issue it's had from new, which I'd previously tried to get somewhere with Pioneer to fix through telephone support, but without success.

I also noticed, although it's very well hidden, that's there is an updated firmware to the one I've got. It fails to pick it up via the online update option so I've used the USB update method.

Files for v3.25 were found here:

Software & Firmware

Main difference so far is a less laggy response to remote commands, which is very welcome.

Thought I'd post it here in case anyone goes looking for info on this in the future :)


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tried to play new James bond at the weekend. player only used for about 20 discs from new. front display just barely visible, no output from hdmi. :mad: not happy..


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Mine won't play mockingjay part 2 or x men days of future past either.

Anyone having similar problems?

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