Pioneer LX5090H - was/is it available in the UK?


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Hi, I wonder if anybody can help. I am thinking of buying a PDP-LX5090 and have found a shop claiming to have stock of the free-sat tuner model (the PDP-LX5090H) and at a reasonable price, so its seems sensible to go for this instead of the normal PDP-LX5090.

My worry is that having checked on Pioneers Kuro site and downloaded the fall-08 brochure (the last one they published) it says in the small print of page 80 that the model isnt available in the UK!

Finding any stock of the H model is hard but now im worried that the model wasnt officually sold in the UK and therefore the 5yr Pioneer warrenty that it comes with might not be valid?



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Hello Mate,

I've just bought a 5090H and can confirm that it comes with the full 5 year warranty.

I believe that when the supplies of 5090's were drying up in the UK pioneer started shipping the EU models from countries where they weren't selling so well.




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Thanks cheers - would you mind me asking who you bought it from? Im struggling to find much stock of the "H" model anywhere.



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Hi Adam,

If you can get a 5090H just snap it up - they are very difficult to get a hold of and luck normally determines who get them. They are basically identical to a KRP-500A in terms of features, functions & performance except for the pure mode and being in an integrated form. They have far more features and functions than a regular 5090 and also share exactly the same panel and menu system to the KRP's.



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Well the PDP-LX5090H arrived today and Ive put it on the wall in the bedroom this evening. I already have a PDP-LX608D downstairs so it was a pretty easy choice about which set to get was just a case of justifing the cash to myself for a Kuro 50" for the bedroom, which does seem a tad extravagant. Still the "H" seems pretty hard to get hold of and with stock everywhere dwindling fast I decided to act quickly and splash the £1999 for it before I ended up having to pay more for a 5090D in a few more weeks and regretting missing out on the "H".

First impressions are it is stunning, dare I say it Im even more impressed with it than the 60" Kuro I have downstairs in the living space. Maybe its just relative to the room sizes, but the 50" feels just as big and Im sure the picture quality is better too and the menus / interface are greatly improved also. Even switched off its such a beautiful set and really finishes off the bedroom furniture nicely.

Not had chance to fiddle with the sat tuner yet or the improved media gallery but it sure has some damn nice features over the 608D.

Im one Happy 2x big screeen Kuro Camper.

Only 1 concern tonight and thats the lack of the 5yr warrenty card I am supposed to have got? my warrenty leaflet inside the box isnt stamped but I cant see how it could have been without opening the box? Ive registered online but I think I need more paperwork / filled in card from the dealer? I need to call him tommorow to see what I should have got - can anybody confirm I should have got something external in addition to the paperwork inside the box?

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If its the Pioneer warranty, you should have got a card in a silver envelope which needs filling in and sending off to Pioneer.


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Yup cheers, spoke with dealer who said he put a slit in the case and slid it inside before the courier took it so I just need to double check the inside of the packaging I think when I get home tonight. Failing that he said he will bob another one in the post for me tonight if its got lost.

Off to maplins at lunchtime today to get connectors for the sat to see what I can pick up. I raised the freesat question with the dealer and he seemed convienced that it could pick up all the freesat channels in addition to sky, or any other satelite that the dish is pointed at? Will see when I get home tonight with the connectors I guess.


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Hi all,

I too have just ordered the PDP-LX5090H yesterday - to be delivered tomorrow.

I don't have a roof aerial; only SKY +. Can I simply take a feed from the LNB and route it to the bedroom (where the TV will live)? If so, EXACTLY what can I expect to pick up?

Thanks guys.


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