Pioneer LX5090 arrived today!!


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Hi all,

I have been after one of these panels for a long time now, and last weekend I took the plunge. I managed to get a very good deal from curry's (£1700 for panel, stand, undermount speaker, delivery) after an hour or so of haggling. I know it does not have the 5 years warranty, but I think the saving outweighs the warranty.

Since deliver, I have been playing round with the calibration. I dont think I have it set just right yet, but it already blows my old 42" Sharp lcd out of the water. Now I just need a few thousand hours spare to re-watch my entire blu-ray collection.

I have defiently caught the pio piano black bug, now I need to get a new reciever to match the 5090 and 51fd.

Rich :D:D


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Glad you like the panel mate. They are in another league, so get those Blu Ray discs spinning.

For advice on the 9G Pioneer head here for the AVF Kuro Bible

It's on its 9th part at around 1000posts each time! So dont be shy to ask about the simple stuff, as finding it all over that many posts is nigh on impossible. Coming from a LCD back ground (like me also) things are done differently for the gaseous plasmaous!

Kudos to the BR collection btw!


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Great tv Rich. Great price as well, i paid a lot more for mine. like yourself and Invisible Kid I came from a lcd background as well and the black levels are astonishing on the kuro. As Invisible kid said there is a great deal of info in the 9g threads. They're very helpful people on the pio threads and any questions that you post will be answered promptly and correctly. So Welcome to the Dark Side Rich:smashin:

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