Pioneer Kuros LCD v Plasma


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Hi All,

I really need some advice as I'm getting in a tizz.

I'm a flat screen novice but recently took the plunge and bought myself a Sony KDL-46W4500. I was buoyed by good reviews and figured the reported clouding/backlight bleed issues would only be a problem for savvy officianados rather than the average joe just wanting to watch telly. How wrong I was!!!! Despite playing with settings the pic was horrible with white patches emanating from 3 of the 4 corners. After watching the dark knight and sin city I decided not even i could put up with it. I had the unit replaced and while the second is better it still suffers enough for me to have decided i dont want it.

I'm now left with a dilemna as to what I should get. It seems the Pioneer Kuros are a cut above and i like the look of them. But which should I plump for?

My requirements are such:

Mostly SD TV for now
Blu-ray movies
PS3 (not heavy user)
PC connection would be nice
Ideal size 42-46" (cant accomodate any bigger)
Average viewing distance 10 feet

I've seen the Pioneer Kuro KRL-46V which design wise is a stunner but I'm worried the problems associated with the Sony are inherent in all LCDs. Can anyone rate this LCD? It would have to be this size panel as the 37 is too small.

Alternatively, what about the PDP-4280XD. I realise PQ will most likely be better but by how much? What is the significance of this set not being 1080p and will it connect to PC?

Does anyone know where i could view these models side by side in darkened biewing conditions (I'm in NW London area). I'd really like to eliminate cloud/backlight concerns with LCD before even considering purchasing.

Basically would appreciate honest opinions on what to plump for. :lease:

Thanks in advance.


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I'm not sure why you're so keen on LCD, though Plasma and LCD have their Pro's and Con's, I think you'll find most people on the forums have plasma.

If you're going for plasma the Pioneer only make 50" and above now I believe. If you're going for LCD then although the Pioneer LCD's are good and the right size for you, they are expensive. General opinion is that you can get as good for significantly less with other brands.

IMHO I'd go for the 50" Pio plasma, you can get some seriously good deals at the mo......



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I was in a similar situation to you dankini, in November last year I did a demo of the Sony KDL-46W4500 and was not very impressed with the picture, even less so after I spent an hour watching the Kuro KRP500A plasma in a different store. I found the picture on the KRP much much better, blacks were very black and whites were better too.
I too was concerned about size but after measuring the KRP against the 46W4500, the difference edge to edge is really minimal so I went for the KRP and have been very happy ever since. My viewing distance is slightly over 10ft and the 50" is pretty much perfect for that too.

If your budget will run to the Kuro 50" plasma, there are a couple of models to choose from, I think you will be very pleased. :)


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Hi Guys,

Thanks for the responses. I don't honestly know why I was dead set on an LCD but I'm now realising plasma is probably the way to go.

I've seen that Pioneer now offer only 50inch + which is a shame. They wont fit in the allocated space and without having researched pricing I know they'll be out of my price range.

Thats why the PDP-4280 attracted me. My local supplier has one left and it would fit perfectly. Just didn't know whether i should be concerned that it wasn't 1080p.

I'm also lucky in that my mate is a trade supplier and I can get decent discount on the LCD. (Kudos, when compared to other brands is it the price of the LCDs that is the problem? Would you say they out perform otherwise?)

Thanks again guys


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Are you sure the Pio 50" plasma won't fit in the space?

Check the panel dimensions of the Sony KDL-46W4500, only very slightly bigger. :)


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If you can, always go bigger, in no time it will seem small! (even my 60" Kuro looks small to me now, or at least not big!)

Don't be obsessed by 1080p either, the 4280 is still the best 42" screen I've ever seen, and even from a few feet away you'd be hard pressed telling the difference between 720p and 1080p.

Don't bother with LCD, though, whatever you do :)

tom 2000

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If being compact is important go for the 4280. The 768 res is no problem for that screen size. Wish I had got a 50 though.

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