Pioneer Kuros 42" 4K Upgrade. Best Freeview HD Picture advise


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Pioneer Kuros 42" 4K Upgrade. Best Freeview HD Picture advise please?

Hi All,
Hope Im not repeating an earlier thread. Sorry if it has.
I want to change my 42" Plasma to a bigger 4K TV. Unfortunately 49/50" is my max size limit.
What of the 4k's out there would give me the best Freeview HD picture?
I've looked at the Q7C freeview pic in Richer sounds and wasn't too impressed to be honest, maybe just the shop aerial? I saw a Q8C in Hughes showing quite a good BBC one HD pic but it was a 55" and as I mentioned thats too big a set for me.
My budget is up to £2500.
Its not so easy to find a shop that is able to show freeview HD, so anyone who has experience of Freeview HD on the 49" Q7C or F , Sony ex9005, Panny 750b or any other quality recommendations, Id love to hear your thoughts.
Many thanks in advance.


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I fear you won't enjoy going from a Plasma to any LCD. The Sony XE9005 is FALD which may compensate somewhat. My experience is any plasma user hates going to LCD though.

At your screen size restriction though I'm not sure if you have any other choice....


If its mainly Freeview HD PQ you are interested in there will be very little difference between a tv that is HDR capable and one that isn't. So something like a Panasonic DX750/EX750 would likely be as good as it gets from an LCD for just freeview HD

But as already stated, there are drawbacks to LCD tech today compared to Plasma, even if you could get a 55" OLED motion still won't be up to the same level as your KURO.

There aren't any high end TVs sold at 50" either which is a bit of a problem at larger budgets. The most you can get is a mid range model and right now the best of that bunch would be the Sony XE90 followed by the Samsung Q7 you saw.

But now isn't the best time to buy, come spring next year those 2017 tv's will be heavily reduced. Right now better value is found on a 2016 model tv if you can still find one. Although you may be looking at mostly refurbs/ex displays now.

A better option would perhaps be to look at getting a larger plasma TV second hand. This is especially the case because normal freeview (non hd) channels will look pants when upscaled to UHD vs FHD.


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Many thanks for you comments guys. Most Appreciated. Seems it will be harder to upgrade than I thought. I just might now be able to squeeze in a 55" so Ill maybe look again in spring then when hopefully as you say the 2017's will be reduced. Ill check the FreeviewHD on the Q8C again as that did catch my eye initially. Any other 55"s that you would say look half decent on FHD? Cheers


Keep an eye out on the prices of the Sony XE90, XE93 and the LG OLEDs B7 and C7..Maybe even the Sony A1 and Panasonic EZ952 OLEDs.

They may be expensive now but given historical prices they may get a lot lower come black Friday, Christmas, January and then spring when the new models come out.

If you want to buy a capable tv now check out the Panasonic DX902 on Panasonic's refurb store on eBay. A lot of tv for the money, especially with HDR. So be sure to have lots of HDR sources at the ready.

Unless you're the kind of guy who likes taking the Ferrari to the weekly shop ;)

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