Pioneer Kuro Stand Pipe Question

Just purchased a 6020 for $130 U.S. (tax included). It replaces the Panasonic TC-P60ST60 I purchased new in 2014. Though the Panasonic was great for its price point, the Kuro has a better picture. Have been enjoying the set immensely.

Will keep an eye out for a 9th gen Elite model but, given that I'm not a tweaker and I like the colors just fine, I'm not seeing a need to upgrade further. Will look for a 50 inch set to replace the old Samsung plasma in our bedroom.

I have one question. The stand pipes on the 6020 have an unfinished look, at least where they sit on a stand or table. Looks like they're missing something. There are little holes at the end which I presume are for covers to snap into. Are they supposed to have covers of some sort? If so, how do I get them?

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This is a UK forum and we didn't get the 6020 model over here. If you post a picture of what you are talking about someone might have something similar and can answer the question though.
Thanks. Good point. I've spent time in the U.K. and felt very much at home. Not so much in London, but out in the countryside, people were so welcoming and generous. I'd get taken in by folks who seemed to want me to stay and stay. There, I found a communal spirit very much unlike and in many ways better than the "self sufficiency" culture of the U.S. which so isolates people from one another. Perhaps that's why it didn't occur to me I'm talking about a U.S. version of the Kuro (even though I knew there was a different European model).

I've attached a few photos that show the stand pipes.

Timmy C

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Don't be fooled, not everyone in the UK is lovely. We have our fair share of thoroughly unpleasant people I can assure you but I still like living here despite them!

In answer to your question, there is most definitely something missing there but I think it's highly unlikely you will be able to buy the missing bits as spare parts so you should either look at a new stand or making something yourself. The easiest option that I can think of is getting some sort of box trunking/trim from a DIY store like Home Depot. If you are creative and handy at DIY you could probably do something much better of course.

I know in the UK some Pioneer stands were designed for use with undermount speaker and some for without. Without knowing what this stand was supposed to look like I can't be sure but I wonder if its was a 'without speaker' type stand so at some point, someone has removed the plastic cover so the speaker will fit. So with that in mind, if looking for a replacement stand then ensure you get one that will have space for the speaker.
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Thanks Timmy. I know it's the original stand because there's a photo of it in the manual. And there's no photo of plastic trim pieces, even though it looks like they're missing. That's what has me confused.
Thanks so much, Timmy. Clearly that's right. Saw it but for some reason I was assuming the other part was for the 2050 model. Now I'll have to see if I can find that part of create something similar. Or just decide that it's not all that noticeable and to leave it alone. Some might even say it gives it a nice industrial look.

Timmy C

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Certainly with the right style of apartment you could get away with making out the stand is supposed to look like that. On the other hand, if you have weird and whacky decor, I noticed you have some lego bricks there, you cold make a lego stand cover!

Timmy C

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Post pics for sure. I always like seeing how these kind of things turn out as it gives me ideas for the future.

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