Pioneer Kuro KRP 500A


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Just purchased a used Pioneer KRP 500A 50" and was wondering what was the best BD player to go with it and a decent surround sound system,budget would be around £500 for the 2.I am not very technically minded so all help gratefully received,Bill


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Apparently, some Tesco stores are doing the current Sony-S380 BD player at the moment for £50 which is a great price, if you can locate one. Any of the Sony players (including some of the previous year models) would be worth going for and there are bargains to be had on them if you shop around.

As for surround, you may want to consider a slightly left-field suggestion of a "soundbar" solution - for example, the Yamaha YHTS401. This keeps everything together in one unit and will give a reasonable* surround sound experience. Upside is that you don't need to trail cables around the room and place a myriad of speakers which isn't always easy but the downside (*) is that the surround experience may be less satisfactory than a full-on separates setup but it depends on a lot of factors, not least the positioning of the soundbar and the shape of your room. If you have a local RS store, maybe you could audition it - they may also be able to help with your question with putting together a £500 deal?

edit: useful AVF thread with people "reviewing" their new Yamaha soundbars.
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Thanks for your ideas Loada,would prefer a surround system to a sound bar and will look into the Sony option,many thanks.


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I have the Yamaha yhts401 - you get the option to connect two additional surround speakers making it a 5:1 and the result is pretty good especially if space is an issue. I used a pair of Bang & Olufsen Beovox CX50 as my additional monitor speakers and have been really impressed with the overall quality...

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