Question Pioneer Kuro and 4:4:4?

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by EV3A, Apr 25, 2016.

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    Having recently sold an oled I decided to purchase a couple of used plasmas.

    The first one being an 8G Kuro. Their main use is blu-ray and gaming. I'm very sensitive to the lack of 4:4:4 chroma. This is obvious to me on red and magenta details (think red text in games) that appear really fuzzy, but crystal clear when running in full chroma. In films it's not as much of an issue but in games it is.

    I appreciate the display is old now, but was going through the options to see if I could somehow enable full 4:4:4 and the only way I found was to switch the video mode to "PC". Everything is now crystal clear.

    However I've noticed elevated black levels in PC mode. Funnily enough I also found the same phenomenon I'm experiencing mentioned on a review of the 9G LX-5090

    Pioneer PDP-LX5090 Kuro Plasma Calibration & Benchmark Tests

    "Using the Macam L203 Photometer, we measured idling luminance (which also represented the calibrated black level) on the Pioneer PDP-LX5090 Kuro plasma to be 0.0031 cd/m2. This comprehensively smashes the previous black level record held by its predecessor the PDP-LX508D (0.015 cd/m2) if we discount the Samsung F96 LED-driven LCD TV which is capable of delivering 0 cd/m2 blacks but only when there's little to no content on screen.

    In [PC] mode (which can be engaged by negotiating [Home Menu] > [Option] > [HDMI Input] > [Signal Type] > [PC]), idling luminance was higher, registering at 0.016 cd/m2. This might explain why we witnessed less blotching/ streaking in [PC] mode: the perceptible difference between the brighter blotches/ streaks and the now-higher idling luminance is smaller compared to any non-[PC] mode with darker idling luminance."

    Ultimately I'm hoping to find out if I'm perhaps missing something and there is a way to remain in video mode whilst enabling 4:4:4.

    On the VT50 (and VT65) I purchased for example there is a seperate setting (1080p Pure direct mode) that enables 4:4:4.

    I know most tvs only enable 4:4:4 chroma whilst in pc mode (My LG 930V oled was the same) and that wouldn't be a problem as generally I wouldn't necessarily suffer from a higher mll.

    Any advice? Peharps @Phil Hinton @Steve Withers @Mark Hodgkinson @Gordon @ Convergent AV @******** would know

    On another note I'm impressed with the images the 8G kuro produces so much so that I'm on the look out for a 9G, the black levels (in video mode) still hold up well, and the motion is very good. I've noticed plasma phenomenon that Panasonics in particular suffer heavily from like line bleed, image retention etc is pretty much minimal. Infact I see no line bleed at all even on moving credits, or this image:


    There is also NO dynamic false contouring. I also don't personally find the image much noisier than the latest VT's from Panasonic.

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