Pioneer KURO 9G Owners Thread part 14


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I had magenta sparklies in the top right corner on my 500a, I found changing ysusb to 118 cured the problem.
All my other settings are standard apart from rstp which I set at 1 last week.
I tried all other recommendations from various sources on the web but this was the only answer for me.
Don't know if this will help on a 6090?
Need help. My 6020 is talking to me. Don't know why. It speaks in this monotonic computer voice and I want it to stop. Every time I do anything, it tells me what I'm doing. Must have inadvertently pressed a button on the remote but I've no idea what it was or how to fix it. If someone can assist, I'd be so grateful.


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Think said about 6O+ thousand hrs..
We've had the kuro in the front family room from new and it'll be 11yrs old this September and has done over 25 thousand hrs... it's the best outlay I've ever spent on.. doubt my Panasonic oled would last half that.. I hope it doesn't but if it gave up I would have no complaints as it's served us well..
I bought my LX5090 Aug 2008. Cost me £2,500 and was worth every penny. Never had one moment of buyers remorse. Wasn’t until OLED that I even considered replacing it. Still use it in the lounge.
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