pioneer kuro 500a remote control issues


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Apr 17, 2007
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Are there any quick fix ideas for a pioneer kuro 500a remote control

I have been using a Logitech harmony remote for my TV and now thinking about selling the TV and discovered a fault on the remote and i guess you can't sell a TV without a remote

Because the TV is just about worthless , its pointless spending money on a remote or a repair
I would bet you can still sell it without the remote. Not worth while paying for a new one as you say but you can always include the faulty one with the sale and let the buyer know they need to deal with it. The fact that you know it's the controller and not the IR receiver that's the issue is a good sign. I would have thought the type of person that would still be in the market for a 500a would be able to find ways around the problem.
Hi and Thank you for the Reply , I do have 2 remotes which will sell with the TV , I have just had then both in bits and cleaned the Electrical circuits with electrical circuit cleaner which has brought the pair of them to life but not all functions are working or maybe its the way i have the TV set up since i use the Logitech harmony remote.

Like you say, Anyone buying will be able to find away around it.

I intend to sell my Pioneer LX08 Blu Ray that comes with a remote that can also operate the TV, So least one of them might work.

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