Pioneer HTP-071 - which input for Xbox 360?


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Hi guys,

Popped into Richer Sounds yesterday and picked up a Pioneer HTP-071 5.1 surround sound system. It's all connected up and sounds great.

It has HDMI 4 inputs.


I have my SkyHD connected to CD/SAT and an optical cable for the audio, I have a HTPC connected to the BR port and my Xbox 360 Slim connected to the DVD port. Things seem to work ok I'm just curious to know if this is the best way to connect it all up.

Any help greatly appreciated.



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Hi Chris, great minds think alike. I also bought this system from Richer sounds. As long as you are using HDMI from your xbox 360 to the receiver, it doesnt matter which port you are using as they are all the same and superior to the other connections. I have my blu ray connected to dvd and xbox 360 connected to CD/Sat port. Aslo, try out the Advanced Game sound mode, I prefer it when using the xbox

Regards Rich


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For the money, i think it's excellent. Very powerful for such small speakers and I use it in a fairly large room. Good amount of connections. Remote control is a bit over complicated and full of options if you like that kind of thing. Make sure if you are using a Blu ray dvd player that you have the sound set up matched to the pioneer av receiver. (i didnt for 10 days, lol)
You get what you pay for but for my first home cinema in over 10 years, I think it's great value for money, and Richer Sounds 5 year supercare just can't be beaten,
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