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pioneer headaches

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by buzzerxx, Nov 1, 2004.

  1. buzzerxx

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    Oct 5, 2004
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    pioneer pdp434hde plasma
    pioneer vsaax10i receiver
    pioneer dv868avi dvd
    sony vcr
    ntl digibox
    2 infinity alpha 40s standers
    infinity alpha centre
    3 mission m7ds rears
    jamo e8sub

    hello,i am looking for some help setting up my system which i bought from plasma4u.com in england.I bought the speakers from harvey norman and they gave me a number for a guy who called out and wired it all up.Problem is i couldnt hear dialogue on most dvds which used 5.1 audio and i think this was because his set up was too basic?
    I got him back a few months later and eventually he decided to use the 5.1 multi channel inputs which solved the problem.When i asked him about not using them and using the hdmi and i-link option instead he hadnt any knowledge on this.
    I had a go at doing it myself and i got the hdmi working for dvds but the sound is coming from plasma speakers and not amp.I have an i-link cable coming from the audio i-link on dvd to the one on the amp and enabled throgh menus on dvd and plasma.any help on how to do this correctly would be great,i tried to get someone out from the pioneer importers in irelandand pay them to set up the best way but it seems nobody is interested in doing it.

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