Pioneer HDMI Monopoly?


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I bought a PDP 434 last weekend. Loving it dearly but I have an oldish Sony DVD which I feel doesn't cut the mustard. Limited to RGB scart I am on the search for an upgrade.

I know Pioneer have a couple of players which has the corresponding digital scart but both are well above my budget given all my money went on the display!

HDMI I hear is being adopted by most of the manufacturers but does anyone know of other more economical players sporting the connection looming on the horizon.

My choice is to go out now and find a progressive scan player or wait for the price to come down for a digital scart one?


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Take a look at the post re HDMI player list'. Has just about every forthcoming player mentioned, along with specs and prices. If you can't find it directly try the search button at the top of the page.


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Panny will suport HDMi ans samsung make one, Also consider a good PS or interlaced DVD the Tosh 9000 ? i saw on a 504 was doing a great job! also consider HK for a cheaper upgrade.


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Thanks for the info. ;)

Looking at the thread you suggested, the Toshiba SD-5960 looks the winner at the moment. I have just read an article on it which states that it is due for release March 2004 but they give it a price of $199.

Does this indicate that it would take longer to get to the uk?

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