Pioneer Dvr433hs Dvd Hdd 80gb


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Not sure if this is the right section or if it should be in the DVD recorder forum??

Anyway, have seen the above on Ebay for £170 as new, and I'm seriously tempted.

I have Sky at the moment, but have never bothered with Sky+ as the most use I get will be the ability to pause and rewind. Might want to record the odd program.

How does a PVR connect to the system? does it take a cable from the Sky box (Scart?) Complete n00b when it comes to these machines!

Is this a decent price for the box? Are they anygood? I have a Pioneer 575 player and love it, so woud hope the PQ is just as good on this.




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Belongs in the DVD recorders section, so, moving.

Yes, you connect the two with SCART. For timed recordings you will probably have to set both boxes up in some way to come on at the appropriate time.

"Higher" Pioneer models (5xx) have an infra-red device which can be used to change channels on a SatBox, and a programme guide, meaning that doing timed recordings is probably a tad easier.


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Thanks for the info & the move. :smashin:

After doing a bit of thinking and looking around, I've come to the conclusion that I cannot justify spending large wads of cash when all I want are some pretty basic functions.

I'm still coming to terms with the whole area of DVD recorders, so If tell you what I'm after maybe somebody can point me in the right direction???

  • I plan on keeping my Pioneer 575 for DVD playback
  • I have no terrestrial aerial and cannot get one
  • I have normal Sky, do not watch movies as by the time they reach Sky I have bought anything I'm interested in
  • Don't watch sports
  • Cannot justify the cost of Sky+ without premium channels
  • My main requirements are the ability to 'pause' tv and record the odd program

As you can see, the expense of something with a HDD probably isn't worth it. Still not 100% on the technology but it sounds like a DVD recorder with 'Timeslip' should do me OK. I love the styling of the Samsung R122 (but no timeslip!). I've seen a toshiba multidrive recorder in tesco's that does timeslip for £150, but not wild about the styling.

Please - any ideas would be great.


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For the purposes you describe, I'd still stick with a Hard Drive model. Bear in mind that, without one, any recording you make is limited in duration and/or quality by the capacity of a DVD. Whereas a Hard Drive is (relatively) huge - 40 hours is typical. It's much more convenient than forever trying to remember to put a fresh disc in. And you can always archive off to a DVD anything you want to keep. It really is worth what amounts to a fairly small additional expense.

If you don't need the convenience of SatBox control or the EPG, then the Pioneer 433 is probably a good buy.

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