Pioneer DVR-LX60d x 2 not working on HDMI


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Hi Guys,

Needs some advice, i've bought 2 x LX60D HDD/DVD Recorders.

I have existing 40" Samsung LCD 530's and Infoucs X10 Projectors.

On both LX60's I can not get a display via HDMI, using component or composite they fully work.

I've tested the HDMI ports on the TV and Projector by using a older Samsung HDMI DVD Player and they work so i have confirmed its something to do with the LX60's. Strange thing is both are having the problem which makes me think its a settting, i find it very hard to belive they are Faulty.

Any Suggestions.



Bald Monkey

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I'll move this thread from the HD-DVD (High-Definition) player forum to the DVD recorder forum :smashin:

Roger Thornhill

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Are the LCD and Projector full HD?

Have you set the LX60D to 1080p output? If so, and the displays are not full HD then you won't get a picture.

Set the resolution lower if the displays are not full HD.

Also, if you have tested on component, have you deselected this as on many units the HDMI will not be output when the component jacks are active.-Worth a check in the menu.

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