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    I am considering the purchase of a Pioneer DVR-920H, and would be grateful for the benefit of anyone's first-hand experience of the "JPEG Viewer" that is listed amongst its features.

    My current £50 DVD player can handle a folder that I have saved on a DVD, such as "New Zealand 2004", and can display its sub-folders, such as "North Island" and "South Island", and can then display a slide show of the files within the chosen sub-folder. Does the Pioneer DVR-920H do any more than this?

    Does it, for example, allow one to do a slide show with a customised timer interval between images?

    Can the transition between images be entirely user controlled simply by pressing a button on the hand controller, so that images can be left on screen for varying lengths of time, as with a traditional 35mm slide projector?

    Similarly, is it possible to step back one image?

    Any other features I may not have thought about?


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